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Story of the Plazinic family cellar began decades ago. It is a long tradition of brandy making in the Plazinic family, and the craft and recipe for the best domestic brandy is passed from one generation to another. Nurturing the tradition and advancing its values ​​for us is an outstanding honor, challenge and commitment.


Organized brandy production on the slopes of the Jelica mountain, in Premeca, Milan Plazinic has started back in 1992, from where we get the oldest brandy. At the foothill of mountain Jelica, among gentle, grassy hillocks, lies the vilage of Premeca, one of the most picturesque villages of the Cacak region. Every year, the warmth of the Jelica sun and fruitful soil bestow juicy and flavoured fruits upon diligent fruit growers. Interweaving centuries-old tradition and the latest knowledge of brandy making, the family of Milan Plazinic, Premeca, has turned the most flavoursome fruits into supreme quality brandies since 1992, wishing to share with you the warmth of the Jelica sun and fragrant soul of their brandies.

Each year by distillation on traditional copper boxes, with a lot of love for the production of golden fruit drops, they make new quantities of domestic widely-renowned brandy. Each fruit from the orchard of the Cacak region is carefully selected and only out of the sweetest and most aromatic ones, the natural fermentation creates the soul of the future brandy in which you enjoy. Natural fruit brandy from Plazinic family cellar has been resting in oak barrels for years, where it ripes and gets a recognizable aroma, scent and taste. Our brandy is also known for quality and beautiful packaging, and each bottle is packed manually.


We are proud to present you a special line of fruit brandy from the Plazinic family cellar. For the first time true experts, but the laymen as well, will be able to enjoy the undiscovered experiences of the power of nature through exciting fragrances and tastes of well-ripen fruits of the orchards of the Cacak region, converted into drops of top domestic brandy. Special recipes and small secrets of great masters, as well as modern technology, have enabled us to produce brandy that is pleasurable to drink and in which you can enjoy. Each of them has its own character, its purpose and occasion and it is up to you to choose and discover your favorite. Cheers!


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Fruit Brandies Plazinic

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Fruit Brandies Plazinic